Ryan Lawasani

Hi there! I'm Ryan Lawasani, a dedicated real estate professional proudly ranked in the top 5% of realtors in Central Ohio. My approach to real estate isn't just about transactions; it's about providing exceptional service. Whether you're buying a $100,000 home or a $3 million estate, my commitment remains the same—I prioritize serving my clients above all else. For me, it's not about the commission. Closing a deal isn't the end goal; ensuring that my clients receive the best possible outcome is what truly matters. I measure success not by the paycheck but by the satisfaction of knowing I've done right by my clients.

Whether it's securing the best deal for buyers or maximizing returns for sellers, I'm dedicated to achieving the best results while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the process. I've been honored with prestigious awards, including the President’s Merit Award in 2019, the President’s Commitment Award in 2020, the President’s Excellence Award in 2021, and the President’s Prestige Award in 2022. These accolades underline my belief that success is measured by delivering outstanding outcomes for my clients.

I'm fluent in English, Persian, and German. My mission is clear: securing the best deals for buyers and maximizing returns for sellers, all while ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience. Let's collaborate to turn your real estate aspirations into reality!"


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